Black History Gem – George Crum, A Black Man Created Potato Chips


Every time we crunch into a potato chip, we are enjoying the delicious taste of one of the globe’s most famous snacks that may not have been without the contribution of Black inventor George Crum.

The son of an African-American father and a Native American mother, Crum was working as a chef in the summer of 1853 when a finicky patron sent back a plate of French-fried potatoes to the chef’s kitchen because he felt they were too thick and soft. Continue reading “Black History Gem – George Crum, A Black Man Created Potato Chips”

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Was Perfected and Produced By Slaves


For 150 years, the story of how Jack Daniel’s whiskey came to be centered around a man named Dan Call. The story credited Call for  teaching young Jack  the fine points of running a liquor still.

That story is just what it was – a story.

The New York Times reports that this year, for the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniel’s, the company  is admitting that Daniel didn’t learn distilling from Dan Call, but from Nearis Green—one of Call’s slaves.

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Back In The Day: 95 Cent Car washes and 11 Cent Gas


Back in the day service meant service. At gas stations you got your gas pumped, fluids and tire pressures checked and tank filled up all for the change you have laying on your vehicle’s console or in its ashtray today. And it was all done with a smile.

If you want close to that sort of thing today you gotta go to New Jersey.