The Korryn Gaines Traffic Stop Video Reveals A Lot About Her Demise — The GeoGee Experience Magazine — Medium

“Who is outside?”

“The police.”

“What are they trying to do?”

“They’re trying to kill us.”

“Do you want to go out there?”


These are some of the exchanges between then Randallstown Maryland resident 23-year old Korryn Gaines and her child before she was shot and killed on Monday, August 1, 2016, by Baltimore County Maryland police ending an hours-long standoff with them.

Korryn Gaines’ fateful Monday began after 9:00 a.m. when Baltimore County police officers knocked on the door of the Carriage Hill apartment she was in to serve arrest warrants to Gaines and a man reported as her boyfriend, 39-year-old Kiean Courtney .

Source: The Korryn Gaines Traffic Stop Video Reveals A Lot About Her Demise — The GeoGee Experience Magazine — Medium

From 12 Years A Slave – How A Black Man Might Survive A Traffic Stop


“If you want to survive, do and say as little as possible.” 

– Clemens – 12 Years A Slave

Country Singer Coffey Anderson Explains How To De-escalate a Possibly Escalated Traffic Stop


First of all, let me be clear that I applaud anyone that attempts to offer up solutions to stop this bloodletting and death that is resulting from interactions between law enforcement and African-Americans.

The problem I do have with some of these ideas and solutions is they tend to somehow put the responsibility of staying out of harms way on the citizen by suggesting they make certain concessions and capitulations other ethnic groups never have to do. Those suggestions alone underscore the glaring fact that there is something larger looming when it comes to law enforcement’s attitudes toward African-Americans.

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I’ve Noticed…




Friends, I’d like to chat with you about some things that I have recently noticed.

Before I begin, allow me to warn you in advance that you may or may not agree with any of my observations.

That’s alright with me.

But, hopefully, after you read this, we will still be able to maintain a high level of mutual respect; even if we have opposing points of view.

In my mind, that is one of the hallmarks of civility; don’t you think?


Let me start by saying that I strongly believe that we ALL matter.  Every single one of us.


However, based on several past and present events, I’ve noticed that some people do not agree with me. Sadly, I have no choice but to draw this conclusion based on the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile; not to mention Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown…

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When Will It Stop? | Complex

In 2016, 136 black people have been killed by police to date—almost as many people as days have passed so far this year.

Video footage of these killings are so common that we’re all experiencing PTSD. When the last thing you see before bed is a video of a black man being shot to death by police, and the first thing you see in the morning is a video of another black man being shot to death by police, what else can you dream of, and will you ever wake?

In the nightmarish moments just after Castile was shot by a Minnesota police officer on Wednesday evening, his girlfriend Lavish Reynolds began a Facebook Live videostream.

“Stay with me,” are the first words we hear. “We got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back,” she explains. The video shows Reynolds sitting in the passenger seat, as composed as she can possibly be, as her boyfriend bleeds out next to her and her young daughter cries in the background.

Source: When Will It Stop? | Complex