Surviving the Long Haul — The Trials and Tribulations of Women in The Trucking Industry


Trucks move some 9.2 billion tons of freight annually in the United States, according to the industry’s trade group, the American Trucking Associations. That’s nearly 70 percent of the country’s total freight tonnage, making the trucking industry a critical backbone of American business, industry, and infrastructure. [SOURCE]

Truckers deliver the parts for your car, the merchandise that sits on your grocery store’s shelves, the food that’s on your plate at a restaurant, and, increasingly, the stuff you ordered online.

A report released earlier this year by the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that, in seasonally adjusted terms, trucks carried 36 percent more freight this March than they did in March 2000.

The people driving those trucks, however, are largely invisible to us. The few women in trucking—which is currently around 95 percent male, according to industry estimates—in particular, tell a dark story about what goes on.

Many of them describe a poisonous atmosphere where they’re subjected to on-the-job sexual harassment ranging from catcalling to rape.

A review of legal documents, as well as interviews with dozens of drivers, lawyers, and industry experts, reveals a broken structure of accountability that creates few incentives for taking their claims seriously and, in many cases, leaves women in danger.

This story at Mary Review is a long read albeit an appalling read – it’s a good read about an industry that’s slow to embrace women for their skills because they can’t ignore the endowments of their gender. Get the full read here.–>Surviving the Long Haul — Mary Review

From Captive To Captor [Audio]


He entered the system intent on being a passive observer— a diligent reporter disguised as a laid-back, upstanding guard. But in time, he became aggressive, even vindictive, toward the prisoners. He squabbled with the men and sought reasons to punish them. His anger and paranoia metastasized and scared him.

“I wonder who I am becoming,” he wrote in the piece. “I feel ashamed of my lack of self-control, my growing thirst for punishment and vengeance. I’m getting afraid of the expanding distance between the person I am at home and the one behind the wire.”

Black History Gem – George Crum, A Black Man Created Potato Chips


Every time we crunch into a potato chip, we are enjoying the delicious taste of one of the globe’s most famous snacks that may not have been without the contribution of Black inventor George Crum.

The son of an African-American father and a Native American mother, Crum was working as a chef in the summer of 1853 when a finicky patron sent back a plate of French-fried potatoes to the chef’s kitchen because he felt they were too thick and soft. Continue reading “Black History Gem – George Crum, A Black Man Created Potato Chips”

Study Reveals Men Are More Likely To Raw Dog Attractive, Sexy Women — The GeoGee Experience Magazine — Medium

A new study reveals men are less likely to use a condom on attractive sexy women.

That’s some hell of some dice to be rolling in these days and times. The odds are against those that carelessly raw dog and they gotta know they’re going to come up with more than “craps” if if they lose.Published in BMJ Open, the study, administered by a group of UK researchers examined 51 heterosexual men ranging in ages 18 through 69.

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