US judges Overturn a North Carolina Voting Law That Targeted African Americans with “almost surgical precision” — Quartz

The Reverend William Barber II is having a blessed day—less than twenty-four hours after he rocked the Democratic national convention with a prophetic call for social justice, a federal appeals court threw out a voting law he has campaigned against for the last three years. The law restricted early voting and ended same-day voting registration,…

via US judges overnturn a North Carolina voting law that targeted African Americans with “almost surgical precision” — Quartz

I’ve Noticed…

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Friends, I’d like to chat with you about some things that I have recently noticed.

Before I begin, allow me to warn you in advance that you may or may not agree with any of my observations.

That’s alright with me.

But, hopefully, after you read this, we will still be able to maintain a high level of mutual respect; even if we have opposing points of view.

In my mind, that is one of the hallmarks of civility; don’t you think?


Let me start by saying that I strongly believe that we ALL matter.  Every single one of us.


However, based on several past and present events, I’ve noticed that some people do not agree with me. Sadly, I have no choice but to draw this conclusion based on the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile; not to mention Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown…

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Now Repeat After Me! “Black Lives Matter!” Once Again, “Black Lives Matter!” Now, Get Real!

“She ‘gon bring it to ya living room and she ain’t gon apologize for barging in. And why should she for spoon feeding us reality? Geo on the hard hitting necessary blogger Shelby Courtland

Black lives matter!
Keep telling yourself that lie
and that it’s just a matter of time
 before you get your piece of the pie.

Black lives matter!
 Blacks are why the morgues are full.
 and why the jails are overcrowded.
That Black lives matter shit is bull!

Black lives matter!
It’s why you’re holding up a sign
because Freddie Gray is dead.
They broke that Black man’s spine.

Black lives matter!
This is what you must make known.
You want them to understand
that you can’t help your Black skin tone.

Black lives matter!
But how can you be so sure?
 It would seem that Black must be a disease.
And that death is the only cure.

Blogger Shelby Courtland comes straight at us 100% tried and true on this one. Like Jesse Williams – she’s been looking at the data. And the data reveals  #black livesmatter alright – but in contexts that are detrimental to Blacks.

Be forewarned – Shelby doesn’t tip toe not to awake, she hits the door with the literary battering ram to awake and inform. She doesn’t water down the drinks – she serves the hard hitting burning liquidity of truth with no chaser.  On this one’ she cut deep. Deep seems to get folk’s attention.

Read the entirety of her “Now Repeat After Me! Black Lives Matter! Here –>: Now Repeat After Me! “Black Lives Matter!” Once Again, “Black Lives Matter!” Now, Get Real!

Why Black Voters Are the Most Rational Voters of 2016

“Make no mistake about how this is going to go down. It’s not the voting that’s going to give a Trump a free pass to run this country. It’s the non voting that is going to march his ass up to the door with key in hand to unlock a lot of shit we don’t need” – GeoGee

Contrcropped-geo-caracature.pngary to some nimble-minded pop-culture notions that either we’re not politically sharp or we don’t care about elections or we just vote for people who look like us, black voters (for the most part) are a rather strategically sound bunch. But that’s because the stakes are always ever so high for us. There’s little margin for error, little wiggle room when the wrong people are put in power.

When election outcomes go south—or, in our case, symbolically Deep South—we can’t accept it because we’re so busy mentally preparing to pull our political rip cords on a proverbial parachute.

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The Government Is At Odds On How To Keep It’s Collecting Pit Bulls From Harassing Us

Debt Collection Agencies are like rabid pit bulls. Once they latch on to you they don’t let go until they rip something away from you”.
When those vultures start circling phones start ringing.
In the fall of 2015 a rider to a must-pass federal budget bill could open the floodgates holding back harassing government debt collectors.
Lawmakers don’t care for the measure, yet they won’t propose any legislation to close the loophole.

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