US judges Overturn a North Carolina Voting Law That Targeted African Americans with “almost surgical precision” — Quartz

The Reverend William Barber II is having a blessed day—less than twenty-four hours after he rocked the Democratic national convention with a prophetic call for social justice, a federal appeals court threw out a voting law he has campaigned against for the last three years. The law restricted early voting and ended same-day voting registration,…

via US judges overnturn a North Carolina voting law that targeted African Americans with “almost surgical precision” — Quartz

The Government Is At Odds On How To Keep It’s Collecting Pit Bulls From Harassing Us

Debt Collection Agencies are like rabid pit bulls. Once they latch on to you they don’t let go until they rip something away from you”.
When those vultures start circling phones start ringing.
In the fall of 2015 a rider to a must-pass federal budget bill could open the floodgates holding back harassing government debt collectors.
Lawmakers don’t care for the measure, yet they won’t propose any legislation to close the loophole.

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SRSLY: That Wild Alaskan Pollock Is Frozen Chinese Pollock?


by David Epstein ProPublica

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MainMuck: Locally Sourced, as in, Same Solar System

Remember in “The Matrix” when Morpheus leans in close and asks Neo: “You think that’s air you’re breathing?” Now replace Morpheus with the Tampa Bay Times, and “air” with “locally sourced food” and you pretty much have the Times’ “Farm to Fable” investigative series.

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One Chart Destroys The Talking Point Lawmakers Are Using To Protect Their Payday Lender Buddies | ThinkProgress

Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL) is very upset that the man in charge of conducting unprecedented analysis of the payday loan industry won’t agree to lie with him.

At a hearing Wednesday, Ross and fellow House Financial Services Committee members grilled Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Chief Richard Cordray on the agency’s planned federal regulations of payday lenders.

Ross and dozens of other Florida delegates have signed onto legislation to derail the CFPB’s rules, and the bill would set Florida’s current state-level regulations as the model for the nation.

Critics point to the large sums payday lenders have donated to those lawmakers and to data showing that Florida’s law has done nothing to curb the abuses of a business model that extracts some $3 billion each year from the poorest places in America.

Source: One Chart Destroys The Talking Point Lawmakers Are Using To Protect Their Payday Lender Buddies | ThinkProgress

Soup 2 Nuts Media: Is Louis Farrakhan Endorsing Donald Trump?

Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan says he likes what he’s looking at in regards to  2016 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Yeah, I’m having a WTF moment with the rest of you.

All that is needed here is a two sentence recap to confirm why you, I, and the next guy and gal are mind boggled.

1. Louis Farrakhan is a lifelong Muslim that heads up the largest Black Muslim organization in America.

2. Donald Trump is no friend to Black America, and has made Muslims a chief target  to be expunged from American soil.

So what’s up with Farrakhan’s coddling of Trump? Find out here. –> Soup 2 Nuts Media: Is Louis Farrakhan Endorsing Donald Trump?