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The title of this post is a quote I lifted from a conversation Damon “Dame” Dash was having on the TV show Music Moguls.

Now considering Dash’s failures one might ascertain Dash is not the one to be quoting in a motivational context.

In his heyday, Dash was worth a reported $50 million, only to descend so deeply into debt (thanks to back taxes, back rent and other outstanding bills) that it ate away at his multi-million fortune.

Given all of that, I’d argue that Dash could offer up some noteworthy advice on what to and not to do to those with their eyes on the prize of success and prosperity. There’s always lessons to be learned from losing just as there are lessons to be learned from winning.

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Is Technology Stifling Creativity?


“When you have fewer resources, you use them more creatively.” But the digital world is curious in this respect. Yes, technology encourages us to create by restricting the options available, but it tries desperately to guarantee pleasant results with minimum effort. We’re discouraged from pushing our creative boundaries. As a result, the likelihood of producing something new, surprising or valuable is diminished.” Continue reading “Is Technology Stifling Creativity?”

How To Use Evernote For More Productive Blogging and Writing

I have used just about every app imaginable to facilitate my blogging posts, drafts, and research. I’ve employed countless hacks in my quest to capture and organize sources, references, and information  and I keep coming back to Evernote.

Evernote is easy to use, highly customizable, and free. It does what it was designed to do better than any of its  competitors – which is capture, organize, and contain information.

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5 Lessons We Can Takeaway From The 2015-16 Carolina Panthers


The NFL’s Carolina Panthers steamrolled themselves into the 2015 NFL season kicking the asses of  all comers until week 16 when they were handed their asses by the Atlanta Falcons.

That loss didn’t slow the roll of the Panthers. They dusted themselves off and went into week 17 with more confidence than they had going into week 16 and won. And they kept on winning week in and week out landing in Superbowl 50 to play the Denver Broncos.

The Panthers are fun-loving, brash and in your face, all at the same time, and that formula has taken them all the way to the Super Bowl.

After winning the NFC championship Coach Ron Rivera  summed up the Panther’s success formula in two sentences.

“We’re going to stick to what got us here, we’re going to keep our personality.”
It doesn’t matter if you’re a football fan or not you can learn a thing or two about winning and being successful from their 2015 strategy. Here are some key points that can help you change your game to a winning one. Continue reading “5 Lessons We Can Takeaway From The 2015-16 Carolina Panthers”

8 Habits That Are Completely Killing The Chance Of Living Out Your Dream ‹ Reader —

Are your habits ruining your chances of a bright future?Success and failure are both a result of a gradual process. The habits you develop over time cement themselves. Your circumstances act as a mirror of your actions. Your actions are determined by your habits.Today I’m going to share some negative habits that will kill your chances of living the life of your dreams. If you’re exhibiting any of these, it’s time to reevaluate your actions and make steps towards changing them.

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