The Secrets of Billions — Life Learning

Wall Street is crooked.

This is not really a surprise to anyone. I lived on the street. And I worked on the street.

Wall Street starts at broadway and continues down to Water Street. Along the way, it gets crooked.Right around Broad Street it starts to curve. If you are standing at one end of Wall Street and try to look at the other end, you won’t see it.

It’s crooked. It jags.

It turns a little.

People walk back and forth daydreaming about getting rich. Others are crying because they couldn’t make it. And if you can’t make it there, as the song sort of goes, you can’t make it anywhere.Which is really true.

Because “there” is where the money is. And people get desperate around money. So desperate they will do anything to get it.

At one point I invested in a dozen hedge funds. Eleven of them ended up being caught doing illegal activity. I think a few people are in jail.

Every night I was scared because I started to see what was going on until eventually I shut the whole thing down.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Get ya popcorn and go here—>The Secrets of Billions — Life Learning — Medium

It is good!

SRSLY: That Wild Alaskan Pollock Is Frozen Chinese Pollock?


by David Epstein ProPublica

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MainMuck: Locally Sourced, as in, Same Solar System

Remember in “The Matrix” when Morpheus leans in close and asks Neo: “You think that’s air you’re breathing?” Now replace Morpheus with the Tampa Bay Times, and “air” with “locally sourced food” and you pretty much have the Times’ “Farm to Fable” investigative series.

We’ve got you covered with the four W’s: What? Wait for it. What else? And Why?: Continue reading “SRSLY: That Wild Alaskan Pollock Is Frozen Chinese Pollock?”

Inside the Pappy Van Winkle Forgery Scheme That’s Infiltrating Bourbon’s Black Market

THE SHOTGUN WAS BROUGHT OUT and the empty bottle of Van Winkle Special Reserve 12-Year-Old bourbon was placed on a fencepost some fifty feet away from the fire pit. It was a hot summer night at a cabin in rural Georgia, and Blake Riber and his buddies had just polished off the bottle of coveted booze.

Someone had the smart idea to not pull the trigger—their wives and children were sleeping inside just a few yards away, after all.

Instead, Riber walked to the fence, grabbed the bottle, and slam-dunked it into a nearby trashcan, making sure it shattered into countless shards.

He may have been a little buzzed, but he had a sober rationale.

“There’s a crazy problem right now,” Riber, a senior accountant in Jacksonville and the author of Bourbonr blog, told me over the phone.

“And you just know it’s going on when you’re seeing empty Pappy bottles selling for 100, 200 bucks online.”

Settle in for a long read but a damn good read. Go here to get it.–> Inside the Pappy Van Winkle Forgery Scheme That’s Infiltrating Bourbon’s Black Market

Late Night TV Is A Cesspool Of Snake Oil Salesmen


Have ya’ll  tried to find anything to watch on late night Sunday cable  TV and encountered these belligerent snake oil salesmen? I keep seeing a couple of them on the BET channel every Sunday night.

The most famous of the bunch I encountered is this dude named Peter Popoff. Peter Popoff ya’ll. Now if the name itself doesn’t call even the most bankrupt illiterate among us to cry bullshit and giggle then we’re truly the lost society. Continue reading “Late Night TV Is A Cesspool Of Snake Oil Salesmen”