Will Charging My Phone Overnight Hurt It?

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Many ask the question – here’s the answer courtesy  of The Android Authority.

The Hidden Security Bugs in Architecture That You Never Noticed | Atlas Obscura

The first thing many security heads will tell you about a building is how many doors it has.

They know exactly where all those exit and entry points are and what kind of protection guards each (key lock, electronic lock, automatic or timed lock, alarm, thorny plants, hidden camera, or a combination of securities).

Security experts don’t just look at architecture for its historical value, beauty or craftsmanship, but rather pay attention to the strategic possibilities the building allows criminals a means to break in.

The building is watching you.

Find out how here. –>The Hidden Security Bugs in Architecture That You Never Noticed | Atlas Obscura

Hong Kong Activists Say It’s Time To Ask Your Telco How It’s Tracking Your Data, — Quartz

The rise of smartphones means it is easier than ever for governments to tap local telecom carriers to learn where we spend our time, what websites we visit, who we’re calling and texting, and other personal information.

In Hong Kong, a group of researchers and activists is telling residents it’s time to find out how much of their data is being collected.

Access My Info Hong Kong is a new web app built by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Keyboard Frontline, and In Media, two local NGOs, to spur more city residents to learn about what carriers know about them. It follows in the footsteps of a similar project in Canada and a pilot study in Australia, by taking advantage of local laws to force telecom providers to tell you what they’re tracking.

As fears of increasing influence from Beijing grows in Hong Kong, finding out what local companies are actually tracking is more important than ever, they say.

Source: It’s time to ask your telco how it’s tracking your data, Hong Kong activists say — Quartz

Smartphone Photography 101 – Brooms & Bats

A photo, a seven minute sermon merged together to deliver a sobering message.

Capture some moments freeze some experiences. Use those smartphone cameras and recorders. You’ll be amazed at what you come home with. Bloggers, after you capture your pieces of art they are always applicable to a post idea in your head. Check out the video in this post that makes a photo of brooms worthy.


Brooms and Bats-1
Brooms and Bats – Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

“God Can’t Sweep With No Crooked Handle Broom.

Smartphone Photography 101

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t hit a pro shot with your smartphone camera. Most of you have phones with cameras on board so start capturing some of the world’s beauty and your experiences with that camera. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with.


Grocery Store Flower. 416
Taken With A Samsung Galaxy Core Prime