Black People, Chess Isn’t Checkers

The Eye Wall

When I was in the 5th grade, during our recess period the school gave us chess boards for us to play with.  I would always compete with my white classmates.  The challenge of figuring out how a person was going to respond to how I moved a piece and strategizing attacks specific to a piece’s power fascinated me to no end (I still love a good game of chess by the way).

While the other black children wanted to play basketball or to jump rope, I chose chess matches.

When I was a child, my father used to teach me how to figure out the psychology of people’s motives and the science behind how they act on them.  While most kids were watching Disney movies or after-school cartoons–which I still watched at times, dad had me reading books and watching documentaries about the civil rights movement and different wars throughout…

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“One of the only black people in Trump’s team has been fired for criticizing Trump”

“One of the only black people in Trump’s team has been fired for criticizing Trump” @PykeA