Black Women Do Swim



There’s a stereotype driven perception marinating in society that Black women don’t immerse themselves totally in water, out of a reservation that water will mess with their hair style.

We’ll if they’ve just walked out of the salon or are of the type to wear heels to the pool – yeah I guess they wouldn’t want water above their breasts. And to be sure yes, some Black women have hairstyles that don’t mix well with H2O and there is nothing wrong with that.   Continue reading “Black Women Do Swim”


Black Women Workout with Straight Hair – Monae Artistry’s Hair and Makeup Blog

A lot of Black women have committed to a healthier lifestyle that includes some form of an exercise regime but have concerns about the effects exercise will have on their hair style.

I have been a fan of Monae Everet @ Monae Artistry  for years. She’s worked on the loftiest  echelons of the runway, big screen, and sports. She’s also created some of the most beautiful brides to ever walk down an aisle.

While some pro stylists are mum with the techniques they use to enable top models and celebrities to be presented at their best, Monae has always been generous with hair and makeup tutorials that work.

The link below will take you to her recommendations to Black Women that have concerns about the mix of exercise and hair.

Thank her by leaving a comment on her blog. And oh tell her Geo sent you.


Go Here -> Black Women Workout with Straight Hair – Monae Artistry’s Hair and Makeup Blog

Sex And Weave Pulling


You hair pulling boot knocking body rocking dudes might want to check what you’re pulling on when the hookup gets deep down wet and aggressive.

A lot of dollars goes into these weaves around us. Now it’s my understanding they’re pretty durable-until some gorilla strong sexted out dude yanks them like they would the reins of a horse they’re trying to stop. Continue reading “Sex And Weave Pulling”