Just A Reminder About The Proposed U.S. Blogger Bash

Three Forty eight and a half

Just a short, quick post to remind bloggers who are interested in voting for a city to host a proposed U.S. Blogging Event (similar to the Bloggers Bash held in London earlier this year). You have …

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The GeoGee Experience Monthly Wrap Up

cropped-geo-caracature.pngHello, everyone. Welcome in to The GeoGee Experience Monthly Wrap-up and shout out. The GGEMWS is a post that curates some of our popular content, news worthy events, and pop-offs of interest from the previous month that is now history. The GGEMWS is also a platform where we say “Whatz” up to some of our blogging friends and show our gratitude to new followers and gracious sharers of our content.

June 2016 was an awesome month for us. We got “The GeoGee Magazine” up and running on Medium. The GeoGee Experience Magazine is an online magazine that focuses on  culture, social issues, technology, entertainment, and news worthy content. While our target demographic is Black we court a diverse consumption of our content with the goal being to build a bridge that educates all demographics to a loftier level of understanding and appreciation for and of each other. The magazine that resides online offers larger images, short posts, and articles (we do feature long reads from time to time) and a lot of time sensitive content. The biggest feature of the magazine is we solicit the work of other bloggers seeking an additional platform of exposure for their work.

We want to thank all of you that embraced the magazine so quickly. Two weeks into it we had two of our stories be featured on Medium’s homepage. That’s huge – it would not have happened without your support.

Whatz Up?

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A Note To Love 📃

Fellow blogger I Am Rey and all around pretty lady takes on the tough topic of “Love”. And she delivers answers and thought-provoking observations.

Awesome job Rey!

What does it truly mean to love? How does one truly convey this feeling? Is it something that we feel or learn? Many times in my life, I thought I knew what love was, but thinking back I can honest…

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Blogger Michelle Brown “Atlien” Starts With Funky Dineva AGAIN! Filing Violations Against Funky’s YouTube Videos – Funky Dineva

One would have thought bloggers Michelle Brown and Funky Dineva had burried the hatchet. Not so.


via Funky Dineva

You know what, some people are just not going to be satisfied until you knock the shit out of them…

You would think that after all that transpired between Michelle Brown and I at the start of March that she would go sit her got damn ass down somewhere and get the hell on with her miserable, fish market, Garry Coleman looking ass.

She took to the internet and blasted me, I roasted her ass back, and you would think that the sh!t would be over and done with, right? [Blogger Michelle Brown “Atlien” Bitter. Owed No Rent And Town House Been Raggedy. RECEIPTS ]

After getting roasted by Funky Michelle is back messing with Funky  again.

Hear what’s going down from Funky Dineva here.—> Blogger Michelle Brown “Atlien” Starts With Funky Dineva AGAIN! Filing Violations Against Funky’s YouTube Videos – Funky Dineva