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As someone who reads tons of articles, listens to lots of podcasts and generally likes to learn, I get book recommendations all the time.Stuff like:Read this new author, their fictional take on how we’re actually zombies is so uplifting!Read this new writing guide, it’ll help you

Stuff like:Read this new author, their fictional take on how we’re actually zombies is so uplifting!Read this new writing guide, it’ll help you mindhack and simulcast a slipstream through your character development!

Read this new business book by this person on this podcast, it’ll help you optimize the way you strategize about how to monetize!

I could Amazon Prime it. I could download it from the Apple Store. I could listen to audiobooks on double speed with my Audible account (PS: I don’t have Audible account).Or I can save all of my money and do this instead….(you won’t believe it…)Go Here to find out where this place is.–> Why Don’t Any Experts Recommend This Place? — The Writing Cooperative

Just A Reminder About The Proposed U.S. Blogger Bash

Three Forty eight and a half

Just a short, quick post to remind bloggers who are interested in voting for a city to host a proposed U.S. Blogging Event (similar to the Bloggers Bash held in London earlier this year). You have …

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The GeoGee Experience Monthly Wrap Up

cropped-geo-caracature.pngHello, everyone. Welcome in to The GeoGee Experience Monthly Wrap-up and shout out. The GGEMWS is a post that curates some of our popular content, news worthy events, and pop-offs of interest from the previous month that is now history. The GGEMWS is also a platform where we say “Whatz” up to some of our blogging friends and show our gratitude to new followers and gracious sharers of our content.

June 2016 was an awesome month for us. We got “The GeoGee Magazine” up and running on Medium. The GeoGee Experience Magazine is an online magazine that focuses on  culture, social issues, technology, entertainment, and news worthy content. While our target demographic is Black we court a diverse consumption of our content with the goal being to build a bridge that educates all demographics to a loftier level of understanding and appreciation for and of each other. The magazine that resides online offers larger images, short posts, and articles (we do feature long reads from time to time) and a lot of time sensitive content. The biggest feature of the magazine is we solicit the work of other bloggers seeking an additional platform of exposure for their work.

We want to thank all of you that embraced the magazine so quickly. Two weeks into it we had two of our stories be featured on Medium’s homepage. That’s huge – it would not have happened without your support.

Whatz Up?

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Voices Of Experience: 5 Things That Established Authors Would Tell New Writers

Nail Your Novel

Advice for the new writer Nail Your NovelA few weeks ago, a bunch of authors gathered for Books Are My Bag day at Barton’s bookshop in Leatherhead, Surrey. Inevitably, some customers asked for advice on writing and publishing. These were the five MFDs (most frequent discussions).

1 You are not alone.

This realisation marked an important threshold. The moment we all found other writers, online or in real-life groups, was like opening a secret door to home. For me, it was a revelation to be among people who treated writing as a routine part of life. Before then, I had a hoard of notebooks with scattered fragments, but couldn’t see a next step. Trying a book seemed a bit improbable, indeed ridiculous. After all, what would I do with it? Meeting other writers made it possible. Within a few months, I was sending short stories to magazines and searching for a grand idea that deserved to be…

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How To Use Evernote For More Productive Blogging and Writing

I have used just about every app imaginable to facilitate my blogging posts, drafts, and research. I’ve employed countless hacks in my quest to capture and organize sources, references, and information  and I keep coming back to Evernote.

Evernote is easy to use, highly customizable, and free. It does what it was designed to do better than any of its  competitors – which is capture, organize, and contain information.

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