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The title of this post is a quote I lifted from a conversation Damon “Dame” Dash was having on the TV show Music Moguls.

Now considering Dash’s failures one might ascertain Dash is not the one to be quoting in a motivational context.

In his heyday, Dash was worth a reported $50 million, only to descend so deeply into debt (thanks to back taxes, back rent and other outstanding bills) that it ate away at his multi-million fortune.

Given all of that, I’d argue that Dash could offer up some noteworthy advice on what to and not to do to those with their eyes on the prize of success and prosperity. There’s always lessons to be learned from losing just as there are lessons to be learned from winning.

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8 Habits That Are Completely Killing The Chance Of Living Out Your Dream ‹ Reader —

Are your habits ruining your chances of a bright future?Success and failure are both a result of a gradual process. The habits you develop over time cement themselves. Your circumstances act as a mirror of your actions. Your actions are determined by your habits.Today I’m going to share some negative habits that will kill your chances of living the life of your dreams. If you’re exhibiting any of these, it’s time to reevaluate your actions and make steps towards changing them.

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High-end Workplace Incentives

Some employers across our nation lay out the red carpet in terms of retention incentives for employees. While some of us just want a couple of days off, there are some companies offering premiums such as free food, child and doggy daycare, on site laundry services, and beach access. Looking at some of the amenities listed on this info graphic makes me want to dust of the “ole” resume.

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Discover Why You Are Here

As we encroach upon another year I would like to challenge all my readers to implement an alternative mode of reflecting back, and focusing forward.

Amidst the winds of the oncoming New Year, there are the customary self-help, self motivating snippets, quotes, resolutions; commitments abound in our planned winds of change.

There are the tools, websites, and gurus, all endorsing sure-fire success for a breakout break through year. And at some point some or all of us devour some portion of it as a hungry lion does her fresh kill, only to find ourselves two months  later in the same predicament as the lion, hungry and unfulfilled, hunting again. Right back where we started.

The reason these vices take us nowhere, is they only suggest how to get where we are going. We have to know where we are going in order to get there. And to understand where you are going, you have to know and appreciate why you are here.

The solution to truly finding out where we are going is to deeply appraise our personal components and discern and embrace our true significance for being here, who and what we are.

We all have a significant role that plays an integral part in the entire puzzle we often refer to as life.

First we have to absorb the fact that we were not put here to be someone else. You are here to be you, here to contribute to this world using your own significant gift or talent. To understand and embrace this empowers one by detaching you from the baggage of living as a character instead of a human being.

A huge reason behind stagnant progress in one’s life is they try to be something or someone other than who they were blessed to be. I can never be you, and you can never be me. And shouldn’t want to be. You can do things I can only dream of doing, and vice versa. That’s true with each and every one of us.

The significance factor becomes huge when we accept this.

There is dignity in everyone’s significance. Mainstream media, and entertainment venues have promoted and glitzed the significance of some, casting a despondently dark shadow on the remaining mass, convincing some the glitz and glamour of the digital and print media is the gateway to significance. Espousing this deceptive representation of size results in some thinking they are irrelevant, and they conform to modeling their character after someone else.

Bright lights and flash does not define who’s a star. Janitorial stars, teaching stars, writing stars, and stay at home mom stars, devoted dad stars, the fast food line worker star, are just as significant in all our lives as that film, recording, and athletic star that has access to the cameras that made them icons. Key word “made”, because no one is born a star or icon.

If it has been willed to you to be a bus driver, be the best damn bus driver you can, If it has been bestowed upon you to be a dog catcher, be the very best one you can everyday you do it. If your significant skills have led you to be a carpenter, use those skills to their fullest to be the best. Whatever you have identified as your calling, your significant purpose for being here, be a star at it by leaving your own unique stamp on it. Remember, strive to be #1.

In this milestone era of change, make your personal contribution by insuring yourself that you are being true to you. Empower yourself through your contributions and invest yourself entirely in the effort.

To conclude, let me share a  revelation I experienced as a teenage fast food employee at an establishment many of us passed through to earn our teen income.

I always thought my role was insignificant and the only one that mattered was the one with the money, the owner. I kind of just sauntered through my position oblivious to just how important I was until one day I asked the manager how many customers came in during the course of  my shift. Her response was around 1000. Suddenly I didn’t feel so unimportant anymore. That’s 1000 people depending upon me to be the best I could be in the role I played in their dining experience. Add in the people who worked with me depending upon me to be my best, and then I thought whoa! The owner’s depending upon me and my skills. It was at that moment that I realized, no matter where my destination took me in life, I would always matter  and be rewarded if I was doing the best I could at what I was doing.

Look around you and inventory the people who are depending on you. And ask yourself, are you giving them your best. Are you giving yourself the best? If not, the reason maybe you are in the wrong arena , especially if your life is unfulfilled. Give it some deep profound thought.

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