Mommy Said What?

Mom maidMoms are not only truly special. They are truly wise, at times entertaining, and at times, also down right funny. Even if they don’t see the humor in some of the things they say,

Enjoy this installment of Mommyisms, Mommy sayings and quotes. From real live Moms like mine and yours. Here goes! Continue reading “Mommy Said What?”

How To Frost A Cake or How To Hide a F-up


Anyone that’s ever cooked more than two cakes have at one time or another found themselves with tore up cake layer or two. some of the cake is stuck in the pan and the some is sitting in a plate looking like the pieced together remnants of a bombed building.

Some folks trash the monstrosity and start over. But some folks ain’t “fittin” to be beat by a dry ass cake pan. They make everything “look” bakery  made by frosting over the imperfections. If it tastes good they get away with it. Continue reading “How To Frost A Cake or How To Hide a F-up”

I Ate Spaghetti Made With Deer And Didn’t Know It


I’ve been cooling my heels in the southern North Carolina for the past six months. During that six months deer hunting season came and went. During deer hunting season in North Carolina nobody goes hungry unless they want to. If you can’t find anything else to eat you’re guaranteed to find deer. Folks give it away. Continue reading “I Ate Spaghetti Made With Deer And Didn’t Know It”

Cooking With Parchment Paper Can Result In Great Tasting Food

There I am, folding the waxed paper over my food to make a cute little envelope before popping it in the hot oven, and all the while I am thinking, This is way too easy. This is never going to work. But you know what? It always does, and the food is light, flavorful, and delicious. And the best part of all? There is no crazy dish cleanup: Simply ball up and discard your used parchment paper, and enjoy.

Source: Easy Parchment Recipes – How To Cook En Papillote