Obama Administration’s Changes to Overtime Pay Will Increase Wages of Millions of American Workers


As of Tuesday, May 18th, 2016 the Obama Administration began finalizing new guidelines governing overtime pay in the U.S.The new guidelines will make millions of American workers eligible for overtime pay.

The rule says anyone who makes less than $47,476 per year must receive time-and-a-half pay for hours worked beyond 40 hours a week. That’s roughly double the current threshold of $23,660. Continue reading “Obama Administration’s Changes to Overtime Pay Will Increase Wages of Millions of American Workers”

High-end Workplace Incentives

Some employers across our nation lay out the red carpet in terms of retention incentives for employees. While some of us just want a couple of days off, there are some companies offering premiums such as free food, child and doggy daycare, on site laundry services, and beach access. Looking at some of the amenities listed on this info graphic makes me want to dust of the “ole” resume.

Continue reading “High-end Workplace Incentives”

Working 40 Hours a Week for $77.00

I have always said anyone working full time in this country and living within the means of those wages earned should not have to take on a second job to sustain the basic necessities of everyday life. Those necessities being food, clothing, housing, and when needed, healthcare. There certainly should not be two people working full-time and living out of one of the many shelters across the nation. Continue reading “Working 40 Hours a Week for $77.00”

Four Dynamics Contributing To Continuous Unemployment

I have read and listened to many judgmental observations about the nation’s unemployed. It is obvious there is a perception among way too many Americans that a large number of the unemployed are gaming the system. Comments and observations range from cruel to brutal.

These adverse comments and observations charge the unemployed as being everything from lazy freeloaders to the new welfare queens and kings.   Read More Here —> Four Dynamics Contributing To Continuous Unemployment.