The Damn Problem With White Beauty Standards Is They’re Racist


A lady friend of mine wears her black hair in the most beautiful combination of a dred / twisty combination I’ve ever seen. Her combination of two black natural hair styles greatly enhances the beauty she is blessed with.

I have a blogger friend that has the most beautiful entanglement of black and gray curly velvet tresses I’ve ever seen.

Then there is the writer that works on this blog who wears her hair cut to the skull.

All of them are beautiful women by nature.

All of them could very well have chosen to wear their hair straight – as millions of black women do. So-called “white beauty standards” would have us believe that black women wearing their hair straight is some kind of  indication they want to be or “look” white.

That’s bullshit and don’t you believe the hype. Continue reading “The Damn Problem With White Beauty Standards Is They’re Racist”

The Top 20 Little Black Dresses That Slay for All Shapes & Sizes


Photo via The Black Dress Collective


Whether you’re petite, plus sized or pregnant, we’ve found some perfect black dresses for you.

And since we all want to have a great black dress at the ready for our next special occasion or black tie event, why not plan ahead? This awesome collection of our favorite black dresses will make you, or any woman, feel beautiful, powerful and sexy. So spritz on a bit of your favorite perfume, curl your hair, paint your lips and get ready to strut your stuff.

Source: Top 20 Best Little Black Dresses for All Shapes & Sizes ‹ Reader —

If You want to see some real women just slaying  the hell out black dresses go here.—> The Black Dress Collective


Photo via The Black Dress Collective


T-Shirts That Say “Me”


This is not a paid ad or an endorsement. When I see a product I like and it is actually a good thing I will shout it out. Maybe the company will like the shout and come over here and pay me to do it again. Anyway, Izzy&Liv has some real fresh T’ees and other stuff that promotes positivity and self-empowerment. Check em out here. —> Izzy & Liv

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Amply Endowed Black Women Are a Beauty Standard


Thickness is a beauty attribute synonymous with Black Women. Black women have always been identified with and owned voluptuousness. The fashion industry and society have tried and failed at attempting to paint chunky, curvy, plus-size, big, ample, full-figured, BBW, big-boned, thick, voluptuous, heavy-set as taboo and unhealthy.

Yes, an over abundance of anything can be detrimental to one’s health but to paint ample body physique as all around unhealthy is simply wrong. Confusing healthy ample weight with obesity has been the big red herring that’s thrown a cloak over the beauty of thickness. And to attempt to label physiques of size some sort of social ill is simply biased.

Ebony Magazine is the latest in a number of entities that are heralding ample physical endowments of Black women. Get the full story at our online magazine HERE.

Dolce & Gabbana Designs a Shoe Called The “Slave Sandal”


Dolce & Gabbana f****d up.  They introduced a  new shoe named the “Slave Sandal.” Yes, a”the Slave Sandal”. Yes, damned right there is a backlash and rightfully so.

The offensively named footwear came to light on their website as part of their Spring 2016 collection. The price of the shoes is just as offensive as their name.  At $2,395 this fashion f***k up probably won’t wind up in a lot of closets and I would hope not on any feet. Continue reading “Dolce & Gabbana Designs a Shoe Called The “Slave Sandal””