I Met Maureen In A Chatroom

Black-Woman with brown eyes 4

The Time: 1:00 AM.

The Day: Saturday Morning.

The Place: an AOL chat room.

I was into my 2nd Jack and Coke and trolling chat rooms in search of a female that was doing pretty much the same as I was. I came across a conversation between two females. One was venting to the other one about her disappointment in men.

I hit her up with a “Hello would you like to talk?”

Her name was Maureen.

Her profile picture was beautiful.

It was a pic that displayed a torso and face swathed in burnt ebony accentuated by two pools of ivory framed light almond colored eyes framed by cold black shoulder length hair. The pristine sanitized white smile was hypnotic.

“Damn a drink”, I thought, “I want a kiss”.

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