How To Get From Great Dad To Super Dad

I Am A Man
I am a man.

1. Put your children’s  interests first, always.

If you have some habits that are not conducive to your good health, continuing to engage in them is not in the best interest of your children.
2. Protect Your Family

This in one of the main responsibilities of being a Dad. Start with safety.

Teach them good safety habits, and set a good example by using your seatbelt, school them on respecting fire and water, and the perils of drug and alcohol.

Protect them financially by obtaining and maintaining health and dental benefits. Never hand Mom out to dry.

3. Spend Ample Time With Your Children

We all come home from work tired and looking to relax. And no one expects you to head  out to the backyard or park for a game of touch football or hide and seek.

But you can have dinner together and discuss their day.

Or watch a family TV show together.

Ask to see or help them with homework.

Or just have talk hour. Be sure and tell them about your day (kids find some of the mundane characters and situations you encounter amusing). Make Thursday night Pizza night (Mom will love this too) Have pizza delivered, pop in a movie and enjoy. Even better go out for pizza….if it’s nice weather and the restaurant is close, walk together.

If you are not in the same household, you can still have quality time outside of the prearranged visits.

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Don’t Give Him Too Much Credit Too Soon ‹ Reader —

via Thought Catalog

There’s this thing I do.

When I met a man I have a wild connection with, and hope and desire and romanticism fly’s—I sometimes in my excitement, fall into fantasy.Fantasy of what our dogs’ name will be, how he will look chopping wood in a flannel shirt at my cabin–where we will own our vacation home in Costa Rica.Yeah—that thing.

This is what I call going into “fantasy”.It is when we project all the ideals and things we desire in a partner and a relationship onto a person, prematurely.

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Surviving the Long Haul — The Trials and Tribulations of Women in The Trucking Industry

Some in The Trucking Industry Apparently Think All Women Are Only Skilled As Lot Lizards. FAIL!


Trucks move some 9.2 billion tons of freight annually in the United States, according to the industry’s trade group, the American Trucking Associations. That’s nearly 70 percent of the country’s total freight tonnage, making the trucking industry a critical backbone of American business, industry, and infrastructure. [SOURCE]

Truckers deliver the parts for your car, the merchandise that sits on your grocery store’s shelves, the food that’s on your plate at a restaurant, and, increasingly, the stuff you ordered online.

A report released earlier this year by the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that, in seasonally adjusted terms, trucks carried 36 percent more freight this March than they did in March 2000.

The people driving those trucks, however, are largely invisible to us. The few women in trucking—which is currently around 95 percent male, according to industry estimates—in particular, tell a dark story about what goes on.

Many of them describe a poisonous atmosphere where they’re subjected to on-the-job sexual harassment ranging from catcalling to rape.

A review of legal documents, as well as interviews with dozens of drivers, lawyers, and industry experts, reveals a broken structure of accountability that creates few incentives for taking their claims seriously and, in many cases, leaves women in danger.

This story at Mary Review is a long read albeit an appalling read – it’s a good read about an industry that’s slow to embrace women for their skills because they can’t ignore the endowments of their gender. Get the full read here.–>Surviving the Long Haul — Mary Review

This Is Your Favorite Sexual Position, Based On Your Zodiac Sign ‹ Reader —



Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)The Lazy Dog — He takes her from behind, except that she’s reclining on her stomach instead of being on all fours.

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd)The Loveseat — He sits on the edge of the bed and she sits right on top of him, facing away.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)Missionary, with lots of eye contact — Man and woman make love lying down, facing each other.

Aries (March 21st to April 19th)Drop The Soap — She stands leaning against the counter top and he surprises her from behind and thrust himself inside her.

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Seven Simple And Cheap Tips For Men Having Trouble Meeting Women » VSB

Mega Bloggers over at VerySmartBros take on the issue of “nice guys” finishing last. It’s a great read. Here’s their lead in followed by the link to the full read.

There have been a few pieces on VSB recently that some of our readers felt were kinda hard on and/or insensitive to “good guys” who legitimately have trouble meeting and interacting with women. Namely, Panama Jackson’s “Dear Black Men:Black Women Always (Always!) Show Up To Events.

But I’ll concede that, despite whichever numbers/ratio inequality that would seem to suggest otherwise, there are legitimately good dudes out there who consistently run into brick walls when attempting to meet women. With that in mind, I’ve decided to offer some remarkably simple-ass and (relatively) cheap-ass tips — seriously, this is some Fisher Price-level shit — that can and should help.

Source: Seven Remarkably Simple-Ass And Cheap-Ass Tips For Men Having Trouble Meeting Women » VSB