Saturday Night Live! In Washington D.C.


Shout out to Lady G over at seekthebestblogseekthebestblog and Ron’s Time Tunnel. Hey “LG” and Ron this is from a live D.C. party and I have to admit there isn’t anything like wandering into one of D.C.’s GoGo bands just jamming on a Saturday.

No cover no stress. You might get Chuck, you might get EU, you might get Ms Kim or you might get Trouble Funk like you did here. One thing is for sure the experience would be something to talk bout.

Hold on tight y’all the performance below ain’t no wig wearing ride.

4/8/16 The Experience Video of The Week-Gwen Mccrae Beat Out Big Robb Dueling “Let’s Straighten it Out”


“Let’s Straighten It Out” was the brainchild of the late Benny Latimore. The song zeros in on the core adhesive  necessary to hold a relationship together- Communication.

“How  in hell do you expect me to understand if I don’t even know what’s  wrong?” Latimore

Latimore collaborated with the sultry R&B songstress Gwen Mccrae to offer up even more dynamic and diversified versions of his message.

Gwen seasoned the hit with her own spices.

“You need to just go down to the store…and let’s  go  and buy us a bottle of Remy Martin, a bottle of gin, or some beer or six pack and come back home and sit down to the table…” -Gwen Mccrae live .

Here’s the bass laden , straight at you gritty message that beat out Bigg Robb for this week’s video experience of the week.

Now Bigg Robbs version of Latimore’s simplict message on communication was no slouch. He’s good .. real good and I’m smitten to da floor behind the lovely womanin his vid but votes can’t be argued with. Gwen took him down – and Gwen well she can sing to me anytime and I’m hers.

Here’s Big Robb

“So you eating breakfast by yourself this morning?”

“The foods in there on the stove .”

“Sometimes you can have problems  in your relationship. Money won’t fix it. Sex won’t fix  it.” Only  thing that can help you can get on the right track is some good prayer and a whole lot of communication.”



After Another Disappearing Act Maxwell is Set To Release A New Album


After another one of his famous hiatuses, R&B crooner Maxwell is set to release a new single and album this year.

Maxwell has remained extremely elusive over the course of his career. The Grammy award-winning artist’s modus operandi is to give us a collection of mega hits in long-awaited project releases, tour a little and then fade into oblivion for years before he’s heard from again. He doesn’t make too many public appearances, he doesn’t do many interviews, and he’s not seen too often outside of live performances. Continue reading “After Another Disappearing Act Maxwell is Set To Release A New Album”