Maureen Went From Chat Room To Reality In Newark New Jersey

“I subscribe to the look good and run good ideology when it comes to cars and men. Then too, I don’t whore myself out for cheap thrills that die before the sweat itself can evaporate. I’m not footloose and fancy free and I’m a long way from desperate.”

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Go HERE for Part 1 of this story  that details  how an early morning alcohol infused online chatroom meeting between two people led to the story that follows.

“How was the drive up from D.C. this morning?” Robin asked over her shoulder  as she pressed the down button on the elevator panel.

“It was good. I left in time to avoid any morning rush-hour traffic. I stopped in Delaware for some coffee and a sandwich”.

She had turned around in the elevator to face me. She reached out and begin fidgeting with my tie and looked me up and down.

” This is a nice suit. I wish you’d wear your gold collar clip though – it gives a polished look to your suit and tie arrangement. If you had asked I would have been more than happy to have fixed you some breakfast. I can’t have you eating that fast food garbage You got here in time to stop over and eat.”

“I wouldn’t trouble you for breakfast on a work morning.”

“How did the morning meetings go?”

“The morning meetings were fine. We’re making a boatload of money and they still want more but that’s the attitude that keeps the boat floating. We worked on a strategy to acquire more management properties in D.C. and Northern Virginia”.

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She’s So Fresh I Keep Rewinding To See That Smile One More Time

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We’re  going to make this “Fly and Fresh” Week at The GeoGee Experience Blog.

Earlier this week I came across a lady in one of my social site groups that had a unique look, unique posting style, and a unique profile rendering of herself. A fresh and fly (old school term) of herself. Continue reading “She’s So Fresh I Keep Rewinding To See That Smile One More Time”

Sexting – Top tips for sexy pics


FULL DISCLAIMER! I am not a fan of sexting. When you engage in sexting you open the door to possibly being exploited, blackmailed and publicly shamed.

If you want a naked picture of me then bring your ass over here and get in it with me – or send me one first.

Anywhoo I know some of you are just going to pay me no mind and send pictures of your naked ass (with face) to that begging social site hunk or honey.

Since you’re going to do it anyway the blog Erotica Black has an excellent post that directs you on how to look good in your sexy texted or email pics.


I’m a sucker for a beautiful photo. If your oblique game is on 10 I can be putty in your hands. You’ll telepathically hear me drip. However, there are somethings I’ve seen in the sexting game that even I can’t ignore. These are my top tips for smart yet sexy snapping.

Hide your face

Whenever I’ve received a naked photo and his face is included, after I’ve finished imagining all the nasty things I’m going to do to his sexy self, my first after thought is: ”damn does this guy not want to keep his job?”  Trust doesn’t pay the bills, if I lose my phone tomorrow, what happens then?

If you have a job, or want a job that’s not at King of Diamonds, in Meek Mills new video or as an adult porn star. Include your face at your own risk. Google is every recruiters new best friend…

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