The Freedom of Intelligence Trounces The Burdens Of Ignorance

Marcus Garvey Quote

A Clock and A Thought — The Coffeelicious — Medium

“If one must compromise their own voice in order to find a life worth living, is their life still the one they thought worth compromise?”

Source: A Clock and A Thought — The Coffeelicious — Medium

Being Thirsty Can Be Poisonous


Thirst will drive one to gulp from any and many cups. Thirst will cause one to trade in virtues for lustful nurtures.

Know what’s in the cup you sip from. If the contents of that cup doesn’t make you happy, healthy, or wealthier don’t drink from it.

To drink from many in a short span of time screams desperate. Desperate pretty much says “lapdog” and “floor mat”. Don’t be either.

If People Loved Each Other As Much As They Love..


“If peoples loved each other as much as they loved puss-eye and dang a lang the world would be a better place. Wouldn’t be all dis murdering and anger. You ever noticed how folkes get real non-racial when it comes to puss-eye and dang a lang? Funny thang but true.”

-Old Uncle Eugene That Works on Cars