Employment, Wealth, Earnings, and African Americans


A 2014 study released by the Center for Global Policy Solutions and the Network on Race and Ethnic Inequality at Duke University reports that African American households are beyond broke. The study shows that the combined assets of every African American household in the U.S. including wealthy athletes, media moguls, and businesspeople is not enough to lift the average net worth of African Americans beyond a little more than a nickel for every dollar held by whites.

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2014 State of Black America Report

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Every African American should be armed with this knowledge. Then collectively they should use the power of this knowledge to foster change where change is necessary.  Continue reading “2014 State of Black America Report”

Four Dynamics Contributing To Continuous Unemployment

I have read and listened to many judgmental observations about the nation’s unemployed. It is obvious there is a perception among way too many Americans that a large number of the unemployed are gaming the system. Comments and observations range from cruel to brutal.

These adverse comments and observations charge the unemployed as being everything from lazy freeloaders to the new welfare queens and kings.   Read More Here —> Four Dynamics Contributing To Continuous Unemployment.

The Fall From The Top Can Be Swift And Hard

In a matter of months, I was broke, depressed, and living on food stamps. I had lost my apartment, and ended up living out of a suitcase in a guest bedroom of an extraordinarily generous family I barely knew.

After former Politico  reporter Joseph Williams lost his job, he found employment in a sporting-goods store. In a personal essay, he recalls his struggles with challenges millions of Americans return to day after day. His story is Here.