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Friends, I’d like to chat with you about some things that I have recently noticed.

Before I begin, allow me to warn you in advance that you may or may not agree with any of my observations.

That’s alright with me.

But, hopefully, after you read this, we will still be able to maintain a high level of mutual respect; even if we have opposing points of view.

In my mind, that is one of the hallmarks of civility; don’t you think?


Let me start by saying that I strongly believe that we ALL matter.  Every single one of us.


However, based on several past and present events, I’ve noticed that some people do not agree with me. Sadly, I have no choice but to draw this conclusion based on the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile; not to mention Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown…

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Why Black Voters Are the Most Rational Voters of 2016

“Make no mistake about how this is going to go down. It’s not the voting that’s going to give a Trump a free pass to run this country. It’s the non voting that is going to march his ass up to the door with key in hand to unlock a lot of shit we don’t need” – GeoGee

Contrcropped-geo-caracature.pngary to some nimble-minded pop-culture notions that either we’re not politically sharp or we don’t care about elections or we just vote for people who look like us, black voters (for the most part) are a rather strategically sound bunch. But that’s because the stakes are always ever so high for us. There’s little margin for error, little wiggle room when the wrong people are put in power.

When election outcomes go south—or, in our case, symbolically Deep South—we can’t accept it because we’re so busy mentally preparing to pull our political rip cords on a proverbial parachute.

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Weak Nursing Oversight, the Panama Papers and More in MuckReads Weekly


by Adam Harris ProPublica, April 8, 2016, 1 p.m.

Weak Oversight Lets Dangerous Nurses Work in New York, ProPublica

Most states require background checks for nurses — not New York. In fact, the state lags behind most others when it comes to vetting and disciplining nurses who are incompetent, accused of horrific abuse, or have committed crimes.

Giant Leak of Offshore Financial Records Exposes Global Array of Crime and Corruption, ICIJ

Hidden dealings of public officials, 214,000 offshore entities, and a document leak that dwarfs Wikileaks, the Panama Papers expose, “heads of state, criminals and celebrities using secret hideaways in tax havens.” And, amid protests, the document leak helped lead to the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland.

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Soup 2 Nuts Media: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Voter ID Laws

Voter ID laws are a contentious issue in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Many of the statutes will have their first test at the polls this year. Supporters say the laws — which 36 states have now enacted in some form — are needed to combat voter fraud, while critics see them as a tactic to disenfranchise voters.We’ve taken a step back to look at the facts behind the laws and break down the issues at the heart of the debate.

So what are these laws?

They are measures intended to ensure that a registered voter is who he says he is and not an impersonator trying to cast a ballot in someone else’s name. The laws, most of which have been passed or strengthened in the last five years, require that registered voters show ID before they’re allowed to vote. Exactly what they need to show varies. Some states require a government-issued photo, while in others a current utility bill or bank statement is sufficient. Get a comprehensive insight into voter ID laws @  Soup 2 Nuts Media: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Voter ID Laws