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As someone who reads tons of articles, listens to lots of podcasts and generally likes to learn, I get book recommendations all the time.Stuff like:Read this new author, their fictional take on how we’re actually zombies is so uplifting!Read this new writing guide, it’ll help you

Stuff like:Read this new author, their fictional take on how we’re actually zombies is so uplifting!Read this new writing guide, it’ll help you mindhack and simulcast a slipstream through your character development!

Read this new business book by this person on this podcast, it’ll help you optimize the way you strategize about how to monetize!

I could Amazon Prime it. I could download it from the Apple Store. I could listen to audiobooks on double speed with my Audible account (PS: I don’t have Audible account).Or I can save all of my money and do this instead….(you won’t believe it…)Go Here to find out where this place is.–> Why Don’t Any Experts Recommend This Place? — The Writing Cooperative

Blogger Recognition Award Acceptance Post

Blogger Reconition Award
It is always thrilling to me when anything I’ve written is recognized on any level by the people and entities kind enough to invest their time in digesting something I’ve written, said or done. I’m humbled and elated when someone thinks enough of what I do to nominate it publicly for a formal acknowledgment.

I want to take this opportunity thank the very wonderful Lady G over at seekthebestblog for nominating The Geo Gee Experience for The Blogger’s Recognition Award.

LadyG has been an ardent supporter of my work as well as an awesome motivator and inspiration. Receiving a nomination from a writer of such  esteemed talent makes this highlight of my work all the more meaningful. Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award Acceptance Post”

Voices Of Experience: 5 Things That Established Authors Would Tell New Writers

Nail Your Novel

Advice for the new writer Nail Your NovelA few weeks ago, a bunch of authors gathered for Books Are My Bag day at Barton’s bookshop in Leatherhead, Surrey. Inevitably, some customers asked for advice on writing and publishing. These were the five MFDs (most frequent discussions).

1 You are not alone.

This realisation marked an important threshold. The moment we all found other writers, online or in real-life groups, was like opening a secret door to home. For me, it was a revelation to be among people who treated writing as a routine part of life. Before then, I had a hoard of notebooks with scattered fragments, but couldn’t see a next step. Trying a book seemed a bit improbable, indeed ridiculous. After all, what would I do with it? Meeting other writers made it possible. Within a few months, I was sending short stories to magazines and searching for a grand idea that deserved to be…

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We Were Nominated For A Blogging Award We Are Humbled


I am always humbled by the people that are interested and kind enough to devote their time to consume something I’ve written here on the GeoGee Experience. I don’t take people’s time and patronizing my work lightly – I love them for that.

When one of my own (bloggers) takes such an interest in what I do here on The GeoGee Experience that they nominate the blog for an award, that is huge with me. Continue reading “We Were Nominated For A Blogging Award We Are Humbled”

What Every Writer Wants 

Old School keyboard
Old School keyboard

I asked Google, “What does a writer want?”

I found a variety of answers. Lev Raphael says we want “Everything,” and quotes Roxane Gay saying writers “want and want and want.”

Some writers will say they want fame, others money, some just want luck. I think what a writer really wants is Audience.

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