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Will Charging My Phone Overnight Hurt It?

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Many ask the question – here’s the answer courtesy  of The Android Authority.

Jury Awards Sly Stone $5 Million Dollars in Unpaid Royalties — The GeoGee Experience Magazine — Medium

Sly-Stone After The Limelight

The ’70’s funk and soul icon Sly Stone, front man of Sly and the Family Stone, has called a van home for years after falling out of the entertainment limelight along with being cheated out of millions of dollars for his music.

Being a huge fan of Sly and the family I for one was disheartened to hear the legendary guitarist and all around musician had hit the skids so hard.

I have followed his fall from grace and the defection of women, friends, fans, and business partners. Lose the money lose the phoneys, lose the trophies.

Sly found this out when he dropped hard from a lofty mansion status to the gutters of poverty and damned near homelessness.

After years out of the limelight and living on the fringes of society, Sly Stone may have a blessing coming that is  long overdue. Read about it here. ->Jury Awards Sly Stone 5 Million Dollars in Unpaid Royalties — The GeoGee Experience Magazine — Medium

Because I Love You-Lenny Williams

“Maybe you’ve never been in love like I’ve been in love.” -Lenny Williams


My good friend and the front lady over at the excellent blog seekthebestblog , Lady G, does a weekly Thursday post entitled My Jams (insert year) where she revisits hot and relevant R&B hits from years past. Each individual post is a specifically yearly experience that is an enriching  read led off by one of her personal stories that are awesome mini stories within  themselves. The woman can write!

Her “My Jams” editions also send me digging in the album crates  of yesteryear. Since I’ve been  rolling with “My Jams” I’ve rediscovered countless  old school tunes and relived some wonderful times. Thanks Gwin for your MJs.

Here is the latest “dusty” album in  the crate jewel I’ve come across.

Lenny Williams  and the ultimate “man baring his naked feelings ” song.

“Because I Love You”.

Fellas if this jam doesn’t stop her from hanging up on you  or get a response to your text, or get  her to open the door –  it’s over- it’s over bro.

Back in the day this song had folks  making up that had never broke up. Enjoy!