Lessons Learned From Big Time Horse Racing


I watched the 2016 Preakness Derby that is held annually in Baltimore, Maryland. The Preakness is one of two of the biggest races in horse racing. The other two are the Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derby. Horses are bred, trained, and groomed solely to compete in this event. Not unlike that rising star in a company or a family that’s groomed to take over the reins of a money maker. Continue reading “Lessons Learned From Big Time Horse Racing”

Funny Fridays – “Ole” Otis on The Ladies


Don’t cha “no” “no” good?

“Woman you look so good I could sop you up ‘wit’ a biscuit.”

“Wait a minute ‘dere missy pu . Wait a minute!”

“U can’t just come in “heah” dragging that wagon wthout paying a tariff. You trying to import a trunk load a jelly in this club and its “gon” cost ya gurl – I say it’s gon cost ya.”

“Cost me how much?”

“Lemesee, I don’t know – just don’t come round me nekid on payday and it won’t cost me nothing. Lemesee.”

“Gurl you look so fine you make a weak eye man go blind.”

Lighten up on Friday and laugh a little…coutesty of “Ole” Otis. Continue reading “Funny Fridays – “Ole” Otis on The Ladies”

After Another Disappearing Act Maxwell is Set To Release A New Album


After another one of his famous hiatuses, R&B crooner Maxwell is set to release a new single and album this year.

Maxwell has remained extremely elusive over the course of his career. The Grammy award-winning artist’s modus operandi is to give us a collection of mega hits in long-awaited project releases, tour a little and then fade into oblivion for years before he’s heard from again. He doesn’t make too many public appearances, he doesn’t do many interviews, and he’s not seen too often outside of live performances. Continue reading “After Another Disappearing Act Maxwell is Set To Release A New Album”